Taking Action

To register as part of the NMRD team, or help someone in need, fill out a form HERE.


Engagement and Awareness

Either through media reports of shooting, street monitoring (street captains), word of mouth, individuals/families seeking protection, group and one-on-one sessions, representatives (LIFE Hope Center) of NMRD are made aware of conflicts throughout Metro Louisville. Many of these conflicts are between people who have or access to guns. All reports of conflict are discretely investigated for severity and potential for assault or death. As many participating parties and/or groups are identified. The most approachable individuals are identified first.  All interviews with conflict participants will include issues related to the conflict, how their lives are going (family, etc.) and what they need for a better life. We eventually get to discussions about their support networking and the potential for mediation.


Training & Promoting Peace

Where it is appropriate, youth who are really trying or have actually joined the NMRD movement are referred to Peace Education for “Peace Training”. This puts the whole movement on the same page in what we are telling people in conflict. In addition, Peace Education (the lead agency in the NMRD movement) has a long history of training people how to consider and make peace a first choice. It is important to understand that impacting violence and homicide rates, over the long haul, is a process that involves changing the attitudes and the behaviors of people who may or may not have criminal intentions. Thus, the long-term goal is to teach as many people as possible that their choices in conflict situations must include a peaceful solution, if at all possible.


To register as part of the NMRD team or help someone in need, fill out a form here.