Ending Gun Violence through Programming

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(Helping Understand Grief Situations)

Weekly sessions focused on losses related to gun violence; support activities; advocacy training. Giving participants a chance to grieve and ultimately end gun violence in their lives.

Peace Through the Arts

Helps to develop artistic talents of youth impacted by and/or participating in acts of gun violence; participants develop their skills through orders for merchandise and earn income. For ages fifthteen through twenty-two.

Junior Peace League

Age appropriate basketball leagues (educational messages before/during games, and monitoring of grades) for 4th-8th graders. These are the children of former/current NMRD participants.

Peace League

NBA styled league is mostly for youth identified as shooters in our community. Players are drafted to play on teams with former rivals. Ten teams with ten players. Games are played between 8-11pm, two nights per week for eight weeks.

Primarily for women that have been involved and/or impacted by gun violence. This program empowers and teaches participants the business of fashion through garment creation; cosmetics; show production and modeling.

Peace through Fashion

On the last Friday of every month, between 1pm-7pm (subject to change), we catch up with mentees and participants on current situations and provide information on job opportunities in Louisville.

Mentorship Sessions


Support programming and help reduce gun violence in Louisville