When law enforcement departments track homicides, they usually use a red dot on a map to designate the community where the crime happened.

The No More Red Dots (NMRD) campaign/movement is a comprehensive strategy for reducing the numbers of red dots that appear on the maps and impacting the numbers of youth/young adults who make choices resulting in them being in the pipeline that leads to prison.

Louisville's Leo Weekly; Fight for Peace

Louisville's Leo Weekly; Fight for Peace

NMRD believes that a significant number of homicides and other adverse behaviors are the direct product of spontaneous decisions that are made without at least one of the involved participants being given the opportunity to weigh their consequences and/or options.

Therefore, our mission is to intervene in as many potentially deadly situations as possible with the sole purpose of interrupting the activity stream that leads to death.


Photos were sourced from the Leo Weekly article on No More Red Dots: Fight for Peace.  Leo Weekly article photos by Brian Bohannon.