When law enforcement departments track homicides, they usually use a red dot on a map to designate the community where the crime happened.



The No More Red Dots (NMRD) campaign/movement is a comprehensive strategy for reducing the numbers of red dots that appear on the maps, and impacting the numbers of youth/young adults who make choices resulting in them being in the pipeline that leads to prison.


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Peace Through The Arts

…a program that prevents gun violence through Fine Art skill and opportunity building. It is a tool for interruption; providing some hope against violence within Louisville, Kentucky. Peace Though The Arts will house an artistic work-space specifically for West End makers and creators within the city; providing an alternative lifestyle away from physical and mental violence.

The PEACE PRESS is our first on-going project for makers signed up in the Peace Through the Arts program. Whether you’re experienced in drawing, or not, you can create a small magazine to tell your story. These small magazines will be published and can be sold, with all profits going towards the participants who make them. We’re also screen printing t-shirts and posters, let your voice be heard! Start a new brand!

For more information on the project email us: contact@nmrd.info or fill out a form here.


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Taking Action

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