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Take part in helping us reduce gun violence in Louisville and beyond. We put our lives at risk preventing homicides and shootings. Your support continues this path and decades of group sessions with individuals to change the course of their lives. This funding helps us maintain the strong community of partners that join us in the goal to reduce gun violence.

Before the financial constriction placed on NMRD, the city had seen a 22 percent reduction in homicides and shootings from 2017 to 2018. Thanks to the previous funding provided to gun violence prevention in Louisville, organizations were better equipped and more efficient.  We impacted change in our city. If organizations like our own cannot find support, we expect an increase in gun violence for 2019.


When law enforcement departments track homicides, they usually use a red dot on a map to designate the community where the crime happened.

The No More Red Dots (NMRD) campaign/movement is a comprehensive strategy for reducing the numbers of red dots that appear on the maps, and impacting the numbers of youth/young adults who make choices resulting in them being in the pipeline that leads to prison.



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